And Then The Rains Came

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November 2013 Rains in Belize

A paw gently wakes me at night when it rains.  I think my cat really believes that I can shut off the dripping sky like a dripping faucet . He has way too much confidence in me.

Feline Frenzy Fright

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Boaz Sounds the Alarm

We stood admiring the multitude of pink hues in the clouds as the sun set. It had been a great day that had started at dawn. With e-mails sent and answered, work projects complete and a meeting with friends and colleagues concluded, the day had been one of those of story-book perfection.

Sticks and Concrete

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Concrete & Stick Structures in Belize

June through mid-November is considered the "slow season" on the island of Ambergris Caye. Businesses take advantage of this time to complete repairs and remodeling in anticipation of the upcoming tourist season.

No One Stop Shopping Here!

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Chris - My Rock at Mata Rocks

Creselda has lived on the Island for around 20 years and in Belize her entire life. Her family owns and operates La Famila, a corn tortilla factory that makes delicious corn tortillas and chips for businesses and individuals on the Island and beyond. I've known "Chris" for two years; meeting her in 2011 when I first visited the San Pedro area.