And Then The Rains Came

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November 2013 Rains in Belize

A paw gently wakes me at night when it rains.  I think my cat really believes that I can shut off the dripping sky like a dripping faucet . He has way too much confidence in me.

Feline Frenzy Fright

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Boaz Sounds the Alarm

We stood admiring the multitude of pink hues in the clouds as the sun set. It had been a great day that had started at dawn. With e-mails sent and answered, work projects complete and a meeting with friends and colleagues concluded, the day had been one of those of story-book perfection.

No One Stop Shopping Here!

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Chris - My Rock at Mata Rocks

Creselda has lived on the Island for around 20 years and in Belize her entire life. Her family owns and operates La Famila, a corn tortilla factory that makes delicious corn tortillas and chips for businesses and individuals on the Island and beyond. I've known "Chris" for two years; meeting her in 2011 when I first visited the San Pedro area.

Sticks and Concrete

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Concrete & Stick Structures in Belize

June through mid-November is considered the "slow season" on the island of Ambergris Caye. Businesses take advantage of this time to complete repairs and remodeling in anticipation of the upcoming tourist season.